Transport of Infectious Substance by Air (Awareness)

Transport of Infectious Substance by Air (Awareness)

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Transport of Infectious Substance by Air (Awareness)

Course Description

Transport of Infectious Substances by Air training shall provide you with essential knowledge of these Regulations for the transport of this special class of cargo. This course will keep you compliant with regulations for shipping infectious substances, improve your skills to handle potentially dangerous pathogens, process all of the correct documentation, reduce risks and prevent incidents/accidents.


  • This course is beneficial for those who are engaged in processing the Infectious Substances shipments on day‐to‐day basis.
  • Staff of health services providers, medical and diagnostic members
  • Manufacturers of recommended health products
  • Employees in aviation industry who directly or indirectly deal with transport of dangerous goods by air in their role and work in the interrelated environment

Course Content

  • Overview of the GCAA Regulations for transport of dangerous good by air
  • Define Dangerous Goods & Infectious Substances
  • Determine hazard
  • Classification
  • Identification
  • Packing
  • Marking & labelling
  • Documentation
  • Handling
  • Reporting of incidents/accidents
  • Emergency response


2 days

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